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Seafood masterclass 

Under the expert tuition of our chef you will learn to gut and fillet flat and round fish as well as squid and whatever is good in the market on the day of your class

we will then show how to cook and present the seafood in a variety of ways which you then eat!  

7pm to 10pm

£60 per person


Authentic Italian Pasta Class

Learn how to make and cook authentic Italian pasta in a variety of flavours

We will show you flavours of pasta including basil, tomato and even chocolate! Making a selection of shapes with tasty fillings we will then show you how to make some stunning sauces to accompany each pasta

7pm to 10pm

£60 per person


Steak Night

Learn the different Cuts of steak and how to cook them

Over the course of the evening you will learn all the cuts of steak available, some of them familiar and some not! We will cook all the cuts using differing cooking methods and temperatures all served up with some amazing accompaniments

7pm to 10pm

£80 per person 



Learn how to make the perfect roast

We will show you how to make a roast dinner effortless, cooking methods and marinades will all be explained along with planning your time so that everything comes together to create the perfect roast dinner

7pm to 10pm

£55 per person 


Mexican Night  

on this class we explore authentic Mexican cooking from burritos to beef mole, nachos and more we will have your taste buds tingling!! 

7pm to 10pm

£70 per person 

Basics of Cooking 

This course is for ideal young and old and gives a beginners guide  to learn the basics needed to produce wonderful home cooked food  great for teenagers heading off to uni or anyone who wants to start cooking from scratch 

7pm to 10pm

£70per person 

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Indian Night 

We all love a curry but an authentic curry is a thing of beauty

Our chef will show you how to cook 3 authentic curries, what are the best accompaniments and why along with the history of each dish

7pm to 10pm

£75 per person 

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Bread And Baking 

Love our Bread and  sweet treats in the shop? hears your chance to learn how to make them

over 3 hours our chef will unlock the secrets of how me make our Delicious sweet treats, your will make and leave with a variety of yummy goodies

7pm to 10pm 

£60 per person 

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